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This simple Calculator will help you quickly identify both costs and savings obtained by empowering your Route Service Representatives (RSR’s) with handheld devices on the route.

Our Calculator uses a few, simple data points to deliver a customized and detailed analysis of the impact of a mobile solution for your operation.


  Routes and Delivery Days

  Average Stops per Route/Day

  Forms and Paper Costs

  RSR Hourly Labor Costs

  Office Staff Hourly Labor Costs

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With this quick and simple tool, you can get an idea of how much time is currently falling through the cracks at your company, then decide if you want to find ways to take some of that time back.

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"Until I really looked at the numbers, I never realized how much time our route personnel were spending on paperwork versus servicing our customers..."

For over 20 years, we've been replacing invoice forms and paperwork with handled devices and mobile apps.

With over 2,000 routes in operation daily, we have been able to develop our mobile ROI Calculator with real-world data, and it can deliver a complete analysis for you in just a few minutes.

Route Savings

Turn your RSR into a superstar on the route!

Our  Mobile ROI Calculator  can help

confirm what you already know

The time of your office and route personnel is your most valuable resource!

“Saving 10 minutes here and there doesn’t seem like that big a deal, until you multiply it by 10 employees five days a week, month in and month out - every year.”
“I figured we would save time on the route. What I didn’t realize was the labor savings in the office related to all the paper-handling we are doing.”
“I feel like there are so many opportunities for route sales on the route, and this can give us the chance to do this without adding more people.”

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